Job application process

Job application process

  1. Click Job postings from the side menu and click on the posting to submit referral candidates. Image alt

  2. Fill the form and upload the CV in pdf format before you click Submit button. Image alt

  3. After submission, the page will redirect to the Overview tab with CV preview and details on the right panel. By clicking the Details tab, you can edit any details of the application like Expected pay and the profile. Image alt

  4. You can click on Applications breadcrumb and view all the applications received for this job posting grouped by statuses like New, Rejected, Shortlisted, Withdrawn, Offered and Contracted. Clicking the applicant will take you to application view where you can take actions on it. Image alt

  5. Action button Update status lets you update the status of the application to states like Rejected, Shortlisted, Withdrawn, Offered and Contracted. Image alt

  6. Rejected and Withdrawn status updates needs you to enter the reason. Image alt

  7. Once the application status is updated the application moves to the next group in the Applications view of the job posting. Image alt

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