Equipment request process

Equipment request process

  1. Click Equipment requests from the side menu from the self-service screen which is the default landing page after login. All pending requests will be visible on screen. Select the request you want to work on by clicking it. Image alt

  2. Click the Update status button on the right corner of the page to open Update status popup. Image alt

  3. Select Preparing from the to represent that you are currently working on the request. Image alt

  4. Click Monitor button on the right side of each item to allocate an asset. Image alt

  5. Type and select the asset code which you want to allocate for this request item. Image alt

  6. After all the items are allocated and packed you can change the status as Ready and once delivered change it to Status. Image alt

  7. The person who raised the request can now view the status as Delivered from self-service page. Image alt

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