Why choose vinr?

vinr turns dreams into reality with a one-stop solution for business needs, freeing you to focus on core strengths.

Every business dreams of having just one partner who can provide solutions for most of their needs, allowing them to focus on what they do best. vinr EMS fulfills this dream with a bundle of great solutions that can be selected individually or used as a whole.

As businesses grow, they reach a point where Excel is no longer an effective tool for managing different facets of their operations. Many businesses have tried and failed to store IT asset information, budgeting data, and job applications in Excel sheets and shared folders. vinr provides the right tools to address these challenges, implementing best practices, security, and compliance.

Our software is not developed with the sole aim of being the first to market. We prioritize quality and efficiency. Our products are designed to be highly efficient without straining your budget. To demonstrate this, we run our entire software bundle on a tiny Raspberry Pi computer (a credit card-sized system) to certify its efficiency with each major release. We take immense pride in this achievement, which represents our technological prowess.

The issue with your current HR management software, ATS, or any other specialized solution you’re using lies in the businesses behind them. These specialized software solutions often provide minimal value as they delve too deeply into specific segments of tooling, whereas your needs are already met with their initial release. Subsequently, the bloated teams they maintain end up eating into your profits.

One of the greatest advantages of choosing vinr is its pricing model. vinr does not charge based on headcount. Enterprise solutions that employ user-based fees frequently hinder your growth.

At vinr, our goal is to support your success without consuming the fruits of your labor.

We are actively developing software in the realm of business solutions, and you will be pleasantly surprised by the speed of our innovation and execution. Follow us on LinkedIn for updates.